• Provide accounting services for every type of business. We’re a specialist and have experienced more than 30 years in the real estate industry. Our professional partners have provided accounting services for real estate since the first condominium in Chiang Mai
  • Provide accounting system design, auditing and professional assurance services, register for the new corporation, and accounting and tax consulting service.
  • Register for the new limited company, process company amendment, dissolve company.
  • Design and implement more efficient accounting system for your private company to convert to public companies.
  • Sale the best and efficient accounting software.

Why do you have to select PRAPAWAN ACCOUNTANCY?

  • Our firm is a specialist in accounting service and taxation. We treat each client's financial business as if it was our own.
  • We will provide accounting system design and tax planning services for your business. This pro-active approach enhances our ability to minimize taxes while maximizing cash flow.
  • Our firm also provides accounting and tax consulting service for your business.
  • Our professional accounting service is conducted in accordance with international financial reporting standards, hence you can be ensured that we provide an necessary information for business owners.
  • Our clients consistently find they save money by eliminating costly mistakes and avoid the cost of hiring an accounting staff. They also reduce time and resources maintaining an in-house accounting department when we can get the job done with no hassles and at a better price.
  • Our firm maintains a professional ethics by providing independence, objectivity, integrity accounting service.
  • In case of a Revenue Department’s investigation (RD), our firm can explain to RD officer and offer solutions tailored to your individual requirements.